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In one embodiment, a player’s casino gaming activities could also be tracked by a participant monitoring system, resembling by way of the player monitoring server 42. Such methods are well known within the art and are thus not described in detail herein. By method of one instance, the multi-sport experience could comprise roughly palms and/or the additional palms may be displayed such that some or a portion of 1 hand could also be overlaid or superimposed on some or all of another a number of fingers. In a single embodiment, the casino gaming machine 26 might also be configured to simply accept such media for providing credit score for sport play. A participant may talk with the SCI 200 of a casino gaming machine 26 by way of a casino server 24, which server 24 supports an internet site comprising a number of web pages for display at a presentation system 22. The web site allows the participant to play major and/or secondary games provided by a selected casino gaming machine 26 by, for example, communicatively linking a computing machine, equivalent to a presentation gadget 22, to the chosen machine in such a way as to work together with the gaming performance provided by the selected machine. In one embodiment, the gaming machine may be configured to implement gaming machine accounting and participant monitoring features. The input/output board 104 could, for instance, embody a number of serial (equivalent to RS-232), parallel, USB, Firewire or other forms of connections. It is at all times higher to play on one payline, three reel, and two coin slot machines.

The place the exterior server is a gaming system server, the no less than one secondary occasion of a wager-primarily based video game to be provided via the gaming system server. In a single embodiment, the casino gaming machine 26 may be configured to dispense media, comparable to printed paper tickets, which have associated value. As one example, a player might place a base recreation wager to play a base video poker recreation and may place a secondary credit score wager to participate in a progressive Royal Flush bonus via the secondary controller. In such a configuration, means are provided for rotating the physical reels. As is well known, the combos of reel positions and their odds of hitting are associated with the controller, and the controller is organized to stop the reels ready displaying a combination of indicia as determined by the controller based mostly on the mixtures and odds. Secondary gaming functionality is supplied for a casino gaming machine which is configured to implement major gaming performance by way of a fundamental sport controller, by a secondary controller which is related to the casino gaming machine. The secondary controller may be configured to implement the secondary gaming functionality based upon a secondary wager, whereby the player places a major wager to enable the first gaming functionality and a further secondary wager to enable the secondary gaming performance. In other embodiments, a casino gaming machine 26 could also be modified to implement the features of the invention. By the use of additional non-limiting examples, gaming performance data may be transmitted from a casino server 24 through a communication hyperlink to an SCI 200 of a casino gaming machine 26, thus allowing the SCI 200 to replace a state, e.g., recreation state and/or state of play, of the online casinos that actually pay out gaming machine 26 in accordance with the gaming functionality information.

In addition, the payouts or successful awards for the primary and secondary game(s) could also be the same or totally different, reminiscent of depending upon whether or not a wager is required. Such awards might fastened or variable/progressive values, a multiplier of a base win value or the like and could also be awarded if a player locations a required secondary wager and secondary bonus successful criteria are met, comparable to receipt of a particular base recreation final result. As one instance, the first game could also be a recreation of Deuces Wild video poker while the a number of secondary video games may be implemented as games of Double Double Bonus video poker. Such factors may be usable or redeemable by the participant, equivalent to for items/services, free recreation play, and so on., resembling determined by the operator.

Preferably, if the player is a winner of the game, the participant is offered an award, corresponding to an award of credits which will increase the participant’s credit balance (though the award might be a direct financial payout (resembling coins or foreign money), points or tangible prizes). For instance, in response to a “bet one” input by a participant, the gaming controller is ideally transmitted a sign which causes the gaming controller to provoke presentation of the game (primarily based upon a wager of a single credit score which is deducted from the player’s credit balance). By means of a non-limiting instance, a multi-recreation expertise might be triggered from an occurrence of a delegated event, e.g., look of a designated card in hand 11. For example, the SCI 200 and/or server 202 could also be configured to detect the prevalence of a number of occasions in the primary sport and, in response thereto, trigger the one or more secondary games or occasions. Alternatively, the secondary gaming functionality could also be invoked in response to any type of enter by the person indicating a need to entry a multi-recreation expertise, or a multi-wagering expertise. In accordance with one or more embodiments, the multi-recreation experience could include a separate gaming system, akin to a server-based mostly gaming system or another gaming machine 26, and so on. By way of a non-limiting expertise, one or more further games in the multi-game experience might be managed by the separate gaming system while the unique recreation is managed by the preliminary, “original”, gaming machine 26. The SCI 200 of the unique gaming machine 26 could communicate with the separate gaming system, comparable to via a number of networks and servers, to instruct the separate gaming system to commence the multi-sport expertise.